OzHunter eCaller with Remote


The OzHunter eCaller with remote

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The OzHunter eCaller with remote

Main Hand Unit Features:

  • Larger Speaker: 120mm
  • 30 volume control levels
  • Volume Output: 120+ decibels
  • Pre loaded with 16 Calls
    12 Duck (Blackie, Teal, Woodie & Mountain Duck)
    3 Quail
    6 Predator
  • 3 Power Sources
    12v 1800Mah Lithium Battery (Supplied)
    6/12v 4.5 Ah Rechargeble Battery (Not Supplied
    Back Up 8 x AA Battery Cradle (Batteries not supplied)
  • Alternative DC 6-12V DC power socket and Charging port

The OzHunter eCaller comes with Remote Control.

Remote Control features:

  • Stop/Start/Pause
  • Up/down Call Selection
  • Call selection by keypad number
  • Continuous Loop  Play

The OzHunter eCaller comes with 1gb HD Storage and Micro SIM card slot .


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